Crappy Translation

Here are some humorous additions from fellow voice recognition software users that I’ve met through the KnowBrainer site–a forum dedicated to Dragon NaturallySpeaking users and the practice of voice recognition (if you use Dragon, this is a priceless resource—do check it out).

What DNS user Blair said to his computer:     paid in full by Visa
How his Dragon voice software translated it: paid in full by pizza

I’ve been paid that way for helping a friend on moving day.  Smile

Dragon NaturallySpeaking user Graham relates this story:

At the end of a long day, I was dictating Buddy DesktopMic (a headset brand), admittedly not as clearly as I should.  Dragon transcribed it bloody death to Mike!

Here’s a memorable one from NaturallySpeaking user Alan:

I was giving a talk about speech recognition at a conference to an audience of about 100 people. Things were going well, accuracy was excellent.  And then I said, “New paragraph.” (Which should cause the software to press the enter key twice, forming a new paragraph in the document.)  NaturallySpeaking paused for a few seconds, and outputted a single word:   “Crap. 

I had to stop for several minutes and wait for the gales of laughter to die down.

Software with attitude.  Gotta love it.

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