NY Times Axes Morons?

Apparently I am not the only person so amused by voice recognition errors as to keep a collection of them.  In this New York Times article about the latest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking—version 11, coming out any day now—writer David Pogue mentions that he keeps a file of favorite Dragon NaturallySpeaking gaffes from over the years.  The article introduced a few that he’s come across:

What David said to his PC:   “the right or left
What the software wrote:  “the writer left

What David said to his PC:   “a case we summarily dismissed
What the software wrote:   “a case we so merrily dismissed

What David said to his PC:   “oxymoron
What the software wrote:   “ax a moron

Hopefully, he will post some more of his favorites because these were a real kick.

Merrily dismissing cases,


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