A thoroughly poor translation!

Easily the most inappropriate voice recognition software look of surpriseblunder so far this year! Responding to an e-mail from a client, what I actually said to my computer: Thanks for your thorough response! But how my Dragon software translated it: Thanks for your poor response! And no, I did not catch the error – not until the confused client replied, asking for clarification.


My only salvation was the fact that my client has a good sense of humor and assumed I was making some kind of joke.  Smile

This type of error is an impossible thing for voice software to do as well as a human.  If I’d not spoken clearly enough, even a human might hear the same thing: “poor” instead of “thorough.”  The difference: a human can understand the context of social norms and recognize that they must have misunderstood because surely a business associate would not openly blurt out an accusation like that.

But not Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Poor Dragon.

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