A Paraplegic Paragraph?

Today, I’m introducing a new category of artificial intelligence failure: Predictive text fails

Predictive text fails are those awkward, maddening, or funny errors that your mobile device’s software makes when attempting to complete a word you are in the midst of typing based on what it thinks you were going to type.  As you know, if often gets it wrong.  And, if you’re lucky, you catch the error before sending it to your recipient. 

To christen the maiden voyage of this new category, here is a predictive text typing failure that happened to my friend Tammy – one that she didn’t catch.

What Tammy actually typed from her phone keypad: paragraph
How Tammy’s predictive text software translated it:  paraplegic

That may not seem so bad at first blush, right?  But it made her blush when realized what message she had just sent to her friend:  I’m totally in love with your third paraplegic! — turning her  writing compliment into a creepy, politically incorrect outburst.

Has predictive text failed you?  Please tell me about it and I may end up posting it here on the Voice Tie Bows blog! 

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