Illegal Lovers and Skinning Requirements

When you use your voice to type (using voice recognition software, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking), accuracy is greatly affected by the placement of the microphone.  This is why those of us who rely on voice recognition software usually use a microphone headset, such as this one here, knowbrainer-headsetwhich precisely sets and maintains the position of the microphone is relation to your mouth.

Sometimes, you’re talking to your computer and an interruption occurs – maybe a phone call or someone drops by your desk to talk.  Then, you have to turn off the headset so that Dragon NaturallySpeaking stops listening to your voice. 

There have been times when I took off my headset, wrongly thinking that I had turned off the headset.  So Dragon keeps listening.  But without the carefully controlled distance of the microphone to the voice, the software does a really bad job of understanding what I’m saying, and may even pick up bits of the other person’s conversation, if they are talking loud enough or nearby enough. 

Here’s some of the nonsense that it typed when overhearing a recent conversation: 

Be discussed later reprinted at 10 o’clock on Monday that we anatomy right level so this illegal lover for us or you do love your formula good and I can promise you sickness. And skinning requirements vs. scanning. ” 

I don’t remember what I was actually saying at the time, but, I assure you that (A) I didn’t say this and (B) I’m glad I noticed that it had kept typing this jabberwocky before I hit “send” on the e-mail. 

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