We’re in a Mess of Schmidt

Here’s one more memorable voice recognition blunder story from fellow NaturallySpeaking user Ed.  This time: not from using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Ed’s story:

I was watching the Armistice Day service on television and found that my son had managed to turn on the text version for the deaf, so that near-contemporaneous text was appearing at the bottom of the screen.  I was listening to the sound (not being hard of hearing).

Just as three planes flew over the announcer’s head, he said something like: “And here are the stalwarts of the Battle of Britain – the Spitfire and the Hurricane, joined on this occasion by a Messerschmidt.”

Alas, the text came up with “…by a lesser shit.”

As this story shows, the type of near-real-time audio translations that TV stations often employ for hard-of-hearing viewers is entirely software based—no lightning-fast typists are pumping it out.  Or, if there are such, they’ve clearly got an attitude problem.  Smile

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