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Dragon Not Even Trying?

Sometimes, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is so far off in its translation of my words that I’m tempted to think it’s messing up on purpose.  Like on this one, in which I was describing a bit part performance my daughter had in … Continue reading

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Polanski’s Twist and Esry’s Runs

Twice this week, my voice translation software has proven to be no respecter of persons: What I actually said to my computer: You guys seen Polanski’s Oliver Twist? How my voice software translated it:  You guys seem bland skis over … Continue reading

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Anti-Democrat voice recognition software!

What I actually said to my computer: Barak Obama How my voice software translated it: Morocco bomber Apparently, Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t shy about its political opinions.

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In Receipt of a Juried Superego

These common Spanish words in the English language are apparently not common to voice recognition software: What I actually said to my computer:  Best chorizo burrito ever!How my voice software translated it:   Best juried superego ever! And one more: What … Continue reading

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