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About WriteWorks Agency

We deliver writing, editing, proofreading, and Web consulting services to U.S. businesses through our network of professional wordsmiths, chosen for their industry and knowledge specialization.

How We Work With You

Each engagement begins with a careful analysis of your needs to determine project scope and to assign the right WriteWorks resources to your project. 

After each engagement, we follow up with you to understand how well our services supported your needs. We use this information to continually improve our ability to serve you.

The Founder — Richard W. Moxley

Before launching WriteWorks, Richard Moxley provided Web business leadership, program management, and strategic consultation to many companies, from mom-n-pop shops to fortune 500 companies as an employee, freelancer, and contractor.WriteWorks founder Richard Moxley

In forming WriteWorks, Richard brought to bear his 17-plus years of editorial and writing experience, including corporate and creative services in multiple formats and industries.

Richard is also a published short story author and screenwriter. You can follow one of his the blogs or twitter feeds:

  • MOG3 blog  — WriteWorks founder Richard Moxley tracks the development of his current screenplay/directing project, Liberty in the Fires, with regular behind-the-scenes updates and info on the development of story and production.

    And if you twitter, you can subscribe to MoG-Blog story and movie "tweets" here.

  • Voice Tie Bows — a growing collection of humorous and shocking errors resulting from using voice recognition software to speak to a computer.

  • Starbucking  —  Observations on life and people from a Starbucks arm chair.


What our customers say:

"Your edits rocked! You tightened up the proposal by 30% without losing any key points, and it's much more engaging."  
G. Anthony Joseph, President, Tritan Northstar Entertainment

"Your help with our content and strategy has enhanced not only our site but our reputation in the community and among our peers. We are getting more site visitors and more calls from potential clients. I look forward to working with you again!"  
S. Gleason, Schy Productions